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FARAH ZULAIKHA™️ Signature Logo Gloves


These stylish yet protective FARAH ZULAIKHA™️ gloves are a great, eco-friendly alternative to single-use hygiene gloves.

 Ditch the single-use, clinical gloves when going to the store and upgrade to machine-washable pairs of gloves for men and women. Simply fold into your bag or pocket, wear while out and about, then put in the washing machine when you are home.

 Each glove is ambidextrous and can be worn on your right and left hand for easy use. Combine them with a stylish face mask using the same design. This would make a great gift for anyone feeling anxious about leaving the house during lockdown.

Made using a soft lycra, these bespoke FARAH ZULAIKHA™️ gloves stretch to comfortably fit your hands and are finished with a matte finish so that you can still retain a good grip. The gloves are available in five sizes and machine-washable at 86°F to keep them clean and fresh.

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